Chipping Campden Literature Festival

Communication has been at the centre of cultural progress since 3100 BC when it was believed the first script was written. Writing allows us, as humans, to convey our ideas and advance by sharing. Since that first scripture, writing has evolved and the study of literature can express social, political, environmental, and religious problems experienced... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of Printed Media

The title of this article may seem a little ironic considering our humble online blog has replaced the printed monthly edition of Campden Clippings but nonetheless the death of magazines and newspapers is a topic that should interest us all – maybe even scare us a little. The reason the decline in print magazines is... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Festivals

Considering how disappointing the Reading Festival line up is this year many have wonder why they should spend a small fortune on going to a music festival this year. However don’t fret as here are ten fabulous festivals you maybe not have considered: 1) Truck Festival When- 19th-22nd July Where- Steventon, Oxfordshire Price- from £110... Continue Reading →

Calling All Book Boffins

Wish you had someone to talk to about a perfectly plausible plot line, a despicable character, or your favourite writer? Once a month on a Wednesday, a group of sixth form students with a passion for reading meet in the library to pick through novels they have chosen to read as a group. The book... Continue Reading →

Alicia and Alice

Taking a well needed and well deserved break between A levels and University, two Chipping Campden School friends are embarking upon a 6 month adventure around Hong Kong, South East Asia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand! The blog they have created is a way to keep in contact with home and to fill with great... Continue Reading →

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

I have found this review to be particularly difficult to write. Unlike the Dior exhibition I went to last year, I did not know much about Cristóbal himself or the history of the brand. All I recognised was the weird proportioned shapes that walk down the catwalk. Little did I know that such weird proportioned... Continue Reading →

The Definite Determiner

Congratulations to our very own Emma Fuller, Year 9, runner up in the District Round of the Rotary Young Writer Competition. This year's theme was 'A Different Perspective'. Emma took on a unique perspective in her creative writing piece, The Definite Determiner. I am the greatest. I can snatch something out of normality and place... Continue Reading →

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