The Big Moon at The Bullingdon, Oxford, Wednesday 18th October

“This one’s a karaoke banger so we need you all to sing along.” The crowd of unlikely Bonnie Tyler fans are loving it as the frontwoman Julliette Jackson starts mock pleading for us to ‘turn around’. Teenage girls and boys, who moments before were coolly composed, now belt out that every now and then they fall apart in a flood of emotion. Once again The Big Moon have caused a ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’.
Tonight the Bullingdon in Oxford is humble host to The Big Moon a four-piece girl band from London who are living proof that even if rock ’n’ roll is dead – it’s OK because indie music sure isn’t. The gang of beauties exploded onto the music scene with their single ‘Sucker’ in 2015 and have just released their much anticipated debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’. This year they have already played an assortment of festivals including Truck and Reading & Leeds and tonight is sadly their penultimate date on their UK tour (though doubtless they will bless us with their presence again soon).
The girls start with guitar-driven nostalgic homage to a lost summer ‘Silent Movie Susie’ and are arguably at their finest with fan favourite ‘Cupid’. Part way through the mayhem Juliette purrs that there is a mini moshpit forming and invites everyone to join in with the charm of a goddess. The volume of bodies increases tenfold in time for the absolute bop of a song ‘Bonfire’ and included in the crush is Julliette herself enticing everyone to lose all inhibitions. Moments of earnest heartfelt passion is interjected along with humour-tinged angst in songs such as the anthem ‘Formidable’ and ‘Pull The Other One’.
Reminiscent of early nineties Britpop band Elastica with the added tongue-in-cheek attitude of Pulp, The Big Moon have the perfect tunes for anybody who lusts for elegance with a slice of grunge. Unfortunately all good gigs must come to an end and the mob leave the venue in a state of giddy exhilaration with many screams ‘I need you now tonight’. The Big Moon are clearly not a band who are about to be eclipsed.


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