Young, English, Vegan and Proud Volume #2 Teaching not Preaching : My Story

8 years young. Questioning everything. A moral dilemma. Shadowy insecurities materialising before my very own eyes. Isolated. Alone.

These were my exact feelings as I questioned what was really on my ivory dinner plate. A sharp contrast to what I had fantasised is now my reality. That was a life. A body. And they had a mother, they were a mother but not anymore. And it was all my fault.

The burden of guilt weighed upon my shoulders until, as an emotionally incompetent pre-teen, couldn’t handle it any longer. So I made the switch. Simple as that. From full meat eater consuming anything and everything to eradicating all meat from my diet. It was my own personal revelation and although I suffered partial disagreement with the more traditional members of my family, my sister and mother converted with me. This made it a lot easier for us all as we were supporting each other day by day and eventually, I even forgot that I was vegetarian as it had become routine in my everyday life.

But everything changed 4 years later…

I had always thought of my self as a well-balanced and morally strong person. Murder is wrong, and so is rape. But never had I considered that these atrocities interlink in my everyday activities still as a vegetarian. Eggs and dairy are a result of hate. A result of disparity. Rape. Murder. Unimaginable torture. And after watching a multitude of harrowing, yet educational videos of hatred and slaughter, predominantly towards the cow, I had my second revelation in 12 years. Along with the other 1 million people in the world, I became vegan. And I’ll be honest with you, it was difficult in the beginning but like anything, with a bit of resilience and patience, I didn’t miss anything at all. My vitality had sky rocketed and my guilt. Gone.

It was really that simple. And with the support of others, anyone can change. Save a life.

Because they don’t have a voice.

But you do.

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