Top Ten Reasons Why Kim Jones’ Louis Vuitton Show Was The Best From Men’s Fashion Week

This year was a bit unusual for me as it was the first time I paid much attention to the menswear shows. Many people consider them to be far lesser compared to the large scope of different designs available for womenswear fashion however, I think that it should be know the huge extent of creativity shown through designers in these shows. My favourite of all I’ve seen this year has to be Louis Vuitton and here are my reasons why:

  1. The last show. As we all know, this is Jones’ last show for Louis Vuitton as the men’s artistic director so credit is definitely due to his achievement at the legendary fashion house for about 7 years. (I suppose this isn’t about the show but he deserves this as a reason.)
  2. The supermodels. His finale featured the infamous Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, and if there’s one way to get fashion’s attention it’s by simply mentioning their name.
  3. The return. I guess this isn’t about the show specifically but it’s important to mention that this show was the first one Moss has walked for since 2013.
  4. The bags. More of the actual show: let’s talk about the bags. I would gladly wear that mustard yellow, cross body, box bag thing that was just slung casually around the model’s chest.
  5. The colours. Also the colour palette; calm blues and muted browns and then suddenly the bright orange and fluorescent-yellow-lime-green colour that requires sunglasses to even see. And Jones artfully placed these colours near the end to leave you in shock.
  6. The PVC monogrammed suit and trench coat. No explanation necessary, a very clever use of branding.
  7. The polo necks. Boys should definitely wear polo necks more – especially when paired with a varsity style V-neck.
  8. The tailoring. I loved the pairing of the tailored grey suits with the hiking boots for example.
  9. The slogan. Jones left his legacy with a simple slogan ‘peace and love’. Not only was it featured on the catwalk but all of his team wore it at the show to encourage the audience to think carefully.
  10. The atmosphere. Where were the models going? By the looks of it they were off hiking which is a refreshing atmosphere at fashion week. Perhaps representational of our current society’s valuing experiences over materialism.

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