The Definite Determiner

Emma Fuller Young Writer Certificate

Congratulations to our very own Emma Fuller, Year 9, runner up in the District Round of the Rotary Young Writer Competition. This year’s theme was ‘A Different Perspective’. Emma took on a unique perspective in her creative writing piece, The Definite Determiner.

I am the greatest. I can snatch something out of normality and place it in the spotlight. The star of the show. The centre of attention. I am known to some as the Definite Determiner. I can work my magic on the lowliest of nouns so that they become the focus of the sentence. So that they may stick in the mind of the One That Matters. The Reader. I am the only one with this such power. The only one. That is why I am the leader of all the words. I. Am. The.

There is a catch to my amazing gift. Of course there is. I can never get the chance to put myself in the spotlight. I can never actually stay in the heart of the Reader; they won’t ever think about how glorious “the” was in the book they just read. In the Reader’s world, I am overlooked, just another building block in the vast wall of words, but I have my way with my fellow words. If I refuse to participate in a sentence, they are nothing. Using this I have forced my way through to the top. My little rags to riches story; the one none were alive to witness.

I am the ruler among words, I associate with indefinite articles and try to help them gain the attention they deserve. But even they have not suffered the injustice I have. Now that I rule I am just and fair. I participate in most sentences; I no longer have a reason not to. I try and get myself noticed by the Reader. This is my last shot. My rule is ordered and disciplined much like Old English words would have liked. But young words are welcomed and old words respected.

My rule has yet been difficult. I came into control as Old English words moved out. They were brilliant words. They were the ones that crafted Shakespeare’s work for him. Many young words were born after Old English words went. We raised them appropriately and I helped shape a new language almost. Words now appreciate my domination. I have become a legend. This was not my intention. My control has and will carry on being great.

But remember one thing if you can. Remember me. Remember that one word that makes everything happen. I am always there, to the Reader, just hovering in the background. But I am powerful beyond the reader’s wildest imagination. I can create things that they never even dreamed of. So whatever the Reader does just make sure I am remembered. I just want to be noticed by someone more important than me. You don’t have to make me your hero, just remember me because I have worked hard for so long and that is the one thing I want. So just remember me. Remember the…

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