Chipping Campden Literature Festival

Communication has been at the centre of cultural progress since 3100 BC when it was believed the first script was written. Writing allows us, as humans, to convey our ideas and advance by sharing. Since that first scripture, writing has evolved and the study of literature can express social, political, environmental, and religious problems experienced by society. Experimenting with concepts through the written word helps not only the author reach their own conclusions, but allows the reader to experience different perspectives by reaching their own interpretations.

The appreciation of books through literature festivals grants audiences a chance to experience authors’ perspectives first hand. The Chipping Campden Literature Festival aims to inspire and educate readers, and bring light to the stories within and behind literature. With a host of guests, from the original writers to the critics of literature, the festival has a wide range of fascinating sources for older students and adults: from Nobel Prize Winner Kazuo Ishiguro (who will be discussing book collecting), to John Carey (who will present his book on Milton’s Epic Poem). For those of you who are studying A Level Literature (at Chipping Campden School as course subjects vary) the festival holds many fascinating resources linked to some of the novels you are studying.

However, regardless of your academic standpoint, the festival provides a range of events aimed to inspire and enlighten any who attend, and who hopefully will foster a passion for literature.

A full guide can be found in the link attached, which will direct you to the website where you can peruse the programme. To apply for free student tickets, email or enquiries 01386849018

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