Calling All Book Boffins

Wish you had someone to talk to about a perfectly plausible plot line, a despicable character, or your favourite writer? Once a month on a Wednesday, a group of sixth form students with a passion for reading meet in the library to pick through novels they have chosen to read as a group. The book... Continue Reading →

The Definite Determiner

Congratulations to our very own Emma Fuller, Year 9, runner up in the District Round of the Rotary Young Writer Competition. This year's theme was 'A Different Perspective'. Emma took on a unique perspective in her creative writing piece, The Definite Determiner. I am the greatest. I can snatch something out of normality and place... Continue Reading →

“Arbeit Macht Frei”: A Reflection of My Day at Auschwitz

(Photo credit to Taka) Established in 1988, The Holocaust Educational Trust was created to educate young people from every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today. Chipping Campden School's History Department organised for two of our A Level students to be school ambassadors, traveling to Auschwitz to learn more about the... Continue Reading →

Terror’s Touchy Dynamics

Nearly 35 years ago ‘99 luftballons’ was released by the band Nena; it preached against war and reached #1 in the U.K, Canada and Sweden and #2 in America. The original German song spoke out against how war charged society had become due to conflicts such as the Iran-Iraq war, Soviet Afghan War and Mozambique... Continue Reading →

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