The Destruction of Printed Media

The title of this article may seem a little ironic considering our humble online blog has replaced the printed monthly edition of Campden Clippings but nonetheless the death of magazines and newspapers is a topic that should interest us all – maybe even scare us a little. The reason the decline in print magazines is... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Festivals

Considering how disappointing the Reading Festival line up is this year many have wonder why they should spend a small fortune on going to a music festival this year. However don’t fret as here are ten fabulous festivals you maybe not have considered: 1) Truck Festival When- 19th-22nd July Where- Steventon, Oxfordshire Price- from £110... Continue Reading →

Dear Molly…… (ten years later)

During July of 2017 my mum and I took a trip to visit old friends in Santa Barbara, California, whom my mum knew from working in a lab at the university during her twenties. It was therefore almost inevitable that when their daughter Molly and I were born within three months of each other that... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Records

In the last month England and our friends the Americans seems to have been cloaked under a blanket of bizarre nostalgia for all things eighties and nineties. Like many other young people I am missing generations I never saw thanks to the second series of the hit show Stranger Things, the remake of IT, and... Continue Reading →

Y Are Women Double Crossed?

Does the brilliance of an author’s writing purely rely on the chromosomes that they are born with? Does the audience you attract rely on your name? Do people appreciate your writing less depending on your gender? Of course not, so why is it that many female writers have chosen a pen name to disguise their... Continue Reading →

The Rugby Shirt

November brings rugby season as the international matches are on and I’d like to inform you, the reader, that I am neither a rugby player nor a particularly enthusiastic fan but I come from a family who enjoy the matches. I am more enthusiastic about fashion and look more towards the clothes they are wearing... Continue Reading →

The Met Gala

The theme for the 2018 Met Gala has been revealed today (November 8th) - ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. The Met Gala, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a renowned event to showcase designers’ creativity and to produce a star-studded red carpet, for this theme there are high expectations due to... Continue Reading →

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