Top Ten Tips for Scoring in Charity Shops

There is many reasons why more young people should scour the streets for bargains in charity shops. It’s cheap, cheerful and my most wacky wonderful garments have come from the rails. Of course, you shouldn’t just shop for selfish reasons; Fast fashion is on the rise and what better way to reduce material and poor... Continue Reading →

Dear Molly…… (ten years later)

During July of 2017 my mum and I took a trip to visit old friends in Santa Barbara, California, whom my mum knew from working in a lab at the university during her twenties. It was therefore almost inevitable that when their daughter Molly and I were born within three months of each other that... Continue Reading →

Beat the Bah Humbugs: Review of RSC’s A Christmas Carol

Got the post-Christmas blues? Cheer yourself up with the RSC’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol which embodies the Christmas spirit- well actually it embodies four spirits... Writer David Edgar and director Rachel Kavanaugh give the classic cautionary tale a unique spin to bring Dickens to the stage- quite literally- with the perfect combination of humour... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Albums of 2017

With all the political nightmares, terrible accusations and tragedies we have faced this year, 2017 seems to be marked as a totally awful year. But from the ashes has arisen these beautiful albums which proves this year wasn’t all doom and gloom. So load up Spotify, put in your headphones, and forget about world issues... Continue Reading →

Terror’s Touchy Dynamics

Nearly 35 years ago ‘99 luftballons’ was released by the band Nena; it preached against war and reached #1 in the U.K, Canada and Sweden and #2 in America. The original German song spoke out against how war charged society had become due to conflicts such as the Iran-Iraq war, Soviet Afghan War and Mozambique... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Records

In the last month England and our friends the Americans seems to have been cloaked under a blanket of bizarre nostalgia for all things eighties and nineties. Like many other young people I am missing generations I never saw thanks to the second series of the hit show Stranger Things, the remake of IT, and... Continue Reading →

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