Review: Furnace for your Foe

It’s heart-wrenching to watch a 15-year-old die on stage from a fatal gun wound but after the play is over the boy will get up, it’s just an act. Other soldiers his age across the world may not be so fortunate. Calum Blackie perfectly captures this troubling message in Furnace for your Foe a piece he wrote himself... Continue Reading →

Say Howdy to Black Honey

I don’t often admit this (as my friends will verify): I was wrong. When I went to the Oxford O2 on Monday 14th May my expectations were low having seen Black Honey last year and having thought they were mediocre at best. This time however I was blown away by the band’s performance. Whether it... Continue Reading →

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Over Easter the media suite in Chipping Campden School had a bit of a makeover to make it into the dazzling tech-savvy room the sixth form media students desperately desired. The school were gifted thirty brand new Apple Mac Computers kindly funded by the school trustees, which allow students to complete coursework to the best... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things to do in New York

  Humble brag: I recently had the fortune to go to the ‘city that never sleeps’ this Easter and had an absolute blast. After spending ten days there with my family I have by no means conquered the ‘big apple’ but I did have a taste of what it had to offer. This for me... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of Printed Media

The title of this article may seem a little ironic considering our humble online blog has replaced the printed monthly edition of Campden Clippings but nonetheless the death of magazines and newspapers is a topic that should interest us all – maybe even scare us a little. The reason the decline in print magazines is... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Festivals

Considering how disappointing the Reading Festival line up is this year many have wonder why they should spend a small fortune on going to a music festival this year. However don’t fret as here are ten fabulous festivals you maybe not have considered: 1) Truck Festival When- 19th-22nd July Where- Steventon, Oxfordshire Price- from £110... Continue Reading →

Calling All Book Boffins

Wish you had someone to talk to about a perfectly plausible plot line, a despicable character, or your favourite writer? Once a month on a Wednesday, a group of sixth form students with a passion for reading meet in the library to pick through novels they have chosen to read as a group. The book... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tips for Scoring in Charity Shops

There is many reasons why more young people should scour the streets for bargains in charity shops. It’s cheap, cheerful and my most wacky wonderful garments have come from the rails. Of course, you shouldn’t just shop for selfish reasons; Fast fashion is on the rise and what better way to reduce material and poor... Continue Reading →

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